Nepali Girl, Nepali Model goes nude: Aishika Chand

Today I am going to post about this Nepali Girl known by the name Aishika Chand. She is half nepali and half indian but that does not matter to us that much. It's the body of this smokin' nepali girl that matters more. Well I have never seen nepali girls that expose that much and this nepali girl aishika chand must be the most sexiest one of them all.

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  1. hey come on guys this is not a nepali model anyway. but there are many so called models in nepal they are nude or semi nude. in fact they come to the media after being nude infront/below so many people and to the screens. so it is not a big deal for now. anyway nice pictures. thanks and keep posting them.

  2. excellent pictures , one of the rarest girls with such a beautiful face and body .


  3. damn!! this ain't a nepali girl.... who eva thought so must b outta his mind. m telling this cuz m a nep 2.. so yeah u can change d title 2 nude indian girl cuz this bitch sure ain't from nepal....

  4. As far as I know this girl Aishika is Half Nepali and Half Indian. Who cares that anyway. She is damn hot and that is all that I care.

  5. this babe is very sexy and hot.she can drive anyone.she is bomb.

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